My Book Reviewing Policy

I know that authors are constantly looking for people to read and review their books. I love getting books to read. What's more, I promise that any book I read will get a fair review. Sounds like the perfect fit, no? 


Yes, but...

If you have a book you want me to read and review, please take a good look at my Goodreads profile as well as the books I've reviewed here. (Basically, I prefer literary, adult, general fiction - both contemporary and historical - and also enjoy women's fiction. However, I have been known to read speculative fiction, mysteries, classical-style Sci-Fi. If you write YA books, and they don't have strong female protagonists, I'm not your audience. By the way, women's fiction does not mean mushy romance, soppy chick-lit or bodice-rippers.)

If you think your your book looks like something I would enjoy reading, you are welcome to send me a brief summary (including genre(s), target age group and target audience). If I am interested, I accept ARCs in all electronic formats (PDF, ePUB) but prefer MOBI format. If you want to send me the physical book, please contact me by email for my address (remember, I live in Israel).



SORRY, I am not presently accepting new books for review (but you can always try to convince me that your book is worth my making time).

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